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Content of Oblivion

A lot of stuff was mentioned, promises broken, things got partly introduced and then removed or only advertised and never actually made it into the MMO called "Project Entropia". 
 (now Entropia Universe)

This blog is getting updated everytime something goes Oblivion.
Just scroll down and down and dooOoooOooOOOOowwnnn.....


Last Update : Jan. 2020

Project Entropia - Fails to retain identity since 2009

Harvesting was mentioned back in 2000 and the harvester tool was there
in early beta. It was powered by Future AA batteries, which were
used as "ammo" for this tool. You just aimed at plants to gather ressources.
(thx to "phoenixx" and "Jane QP Doe" for additional info) 

(H-50 Farmhand Alpha)
This is a standard model using a close-range teleportation system to harvest various forms of edible plants for personal use. It was primarily developed as a device for basic survival in the wild as well as an alternative to hunting.

And somewhere in Marcos "dreams" he mentioned gardening...

In 2008 some designer placed the farmhand behind an decoration...
(it was just the 3d model, no interaction possible)

Not funny... ;(

The texture.

The inventory item of it.

15 years later MA introduced the Terratech :

Some trees show a node and can be harvested
for wooden boards now.

The meat extractor was there, in early beta.
It was powered by Future AA batteries, which were
used as "ammo" for this tool. You just aimed at dead mobs
to gather ressources. 
 (thx to "phoenixx" and "Jane QP Doe" for additional info)

(mlx-440 Meat Extractor)
The MXL-440 is a standard field model using conventional laser technology to cut up and extract the meat before using an auto link to transfer the meat into the inventory. It leaves a minimum of waste, but the appropriate skill is required in order to operate it effectively. Like all Meat Extractors, the MXL-440 cannot be used as a weapon due to its built-in safety function.

Use MeatExtractor with Longu Carcass!

The texture.

The inventory item of it.

Even the Meat Extractor Skill-Icon was still present in VU 3.4 :

The foodpacks were an image. (and unused textures) 
(VU 3.4)

This thing was called FC-100 Food-Mate :

This is one of the most basic field kitchen models.It's able to turn any type of raw food into cooked food, but it can't handle Food Packs. From this perspective it's more practical for experienced travelers who are used to gathering their own food in the wild as they go.

There even was a cooking skill symbol in the folders of VU 3.4 :

Also todays fruits (papplon, caroot, bombardo) could be found in VU 3.4.
Spare Ribs, Chicken Leg, bread and a cut off hand,
never made it into the game.(?)

Overview of VU 3.0 (beta)
(click to enlarge)

And the old skill symbols all together :

There also was a PCE-50 Field mate :
 PCE stands for Portable Computer Enhancement and arethe most common series of Com-Pad models on Calypso. They are originally constructed as rugged field models for extensive use in any type of environment and were never designed as fashionable urban items.

The texture.

The 1st ingame weapons :
(not sure if they got removed or renamed)

 EWE Laser Handgun EP-90

EWE StarBlaster Combat Rifle AR5

There was this window of, "Mix Injections" (unused) :

Maybe this skill symbol was related to it ?

Back in the beta version, the mix injection screen had a different design :

You could find a "Biohazard Box" by Omegaton in the texture folder.
It has the look and feel of the standard FAP.
I wonder what happened using it...

There was this repair/recycler in the texture folder :

There was this concept of a surgical glove :

Even a monster, called Gazonk, didnt make it into the game :

But you could see it everytime you logged in (2004-2005) :

The loading screen was called "natures eye" btw. 
and it had three versions,
which you can see below :

With humans.

Without humans and without Gazonk, Flies and Argonaut.

The Neco Insect also only existed on this single image :

Same about the "Katang" :

"The old textfiles" mentioned something like: 
"What awaits you in the sewer system of Port Atlantis?"
[but there never was any sewer system in PA]
This "mutant" got sold on a T-Shirt back in the days...never seen him ingame though.

Or this mutant (probably an Umbranoid(?) :

While the 1st Gauss Rifle (Kaiser-Graf HVMR-1) got looted in 2005,
one might think that the so called "mutants" already had these
type of Gauss Rifles back in least on this image, from 2000.

Feel free to compare and decide for yourself :

Ahhh the Stahlsteiner! We expect a shipment soon !

 Did you know that the textures of the beverages are ingame since 2001 / 2002...
...but, of coouurrsseee unused to this date (08.03.2017)

Just like many, many(!) other unused textures that find their way ingame now and then.
For example as secret robot transmitter.

The Parley BEER logo got introduced with the beach hut on Treasure Island. (2006)

Only the beer ofc.

If you google "Parley Beer", the 1st result will be an actor named "Parley Bear" :

Maybe David Storey (owner of Treasure Island) came up with that idea ?
I just got in contact with David. Hes defenitly not responsible for any design
or naming on his Treasure Island.
And asking MindArk is useless... :/

For 11 years those textures stayed unused in the game folders now,
 and only in 2008, Marco said :
"I see a future system in food and drinks, probably as a buff/booster system
rather than a boring necessity system"

Then again, Marco said a lot.

Its 2017 now.
Food and Drinks went Oblivion.

Marco went Oblivion.

When our bars were "active" (no beverages, just dancing people),
we had music boxes on the ground and an
interactive "Nova Light" (disco light) at the ceiling :

You could choose one of these funky symbols
for your society back in time :

from early beta

from early beta

The old inventory offered some equipment opportunity :

Somewhere in 2007/2008 MArco said, that the "Heavy Weapons Skill Symbol
will be finally "fixed".

 But it still shows the Laganaus Personal Cannon, which, according to entropedia,
does (still) not make you gain any "Heavy Weapon Skills". Why should it ? lol

2005, the 1st stage of taming. (gone)

And we got lured with phrases like :
"Ride your Atrox into the sunset" 

 From november 2005 to 2009 we could feed and brush a very small
selection of calypsos wildlife.
The Snablesnot, the Exarosaur and the Daikiba.
You could make em dance and make them do acrobatics.
Nothing else.

(and of course skill up "Animal Taming & Whip Skills" to infinity...which some of us really did)

That were 4 years and we never reached Phase 2 of taming...

The old stables gave us the last idea of how taming could
have been...riding a Longu...

Also Alf Svensson's statue of the "Allophy Rider" created the same kind of feeling:

Taming got "removed" in 2009 and since then we are waiting for its return.

Last ETA was: "Beeing re-introduced in 2012" (too bad we have 2014 already)

In the end of 2012 Kim Timkrans said in an interview, that their goal is to re-introduce taming
in 2013. But to be on the safe side, he did not want to give any ETA this time...

As of May 2013, Kim said in an interview, that the fishing-system as well as
the taming system only exists on paper. No ETA!

Taadaaaa, taming probably introduced once again...

Mindark once again announced various stages of taming.
It might probably start at the end of 2014. Or somewhere in 2015. 
Who knows.

Together with taming, once again the announcement
of a political system showed up, as well
as the gazzillionth re-re-redesign of the
so called "social interface". Yay !

No CCS octagon and no battle octagons made it into the
game yet. Planned for late 2014 and early 2015,
we now have 3/2017.

What we got "out of nowhere" is a "Battle Simulator".

Announced at the end of january 2017.
Released at the end of february 2017. @_@

A simple "Quake" clone in prototype stage,
with glitches and bugs, noone asked for...

In the end its nothing different then the "gauntlet" we already have
and early pr-images of it had the name "gauntlet" in it.

 Avoid getting hit by the white "energy balls"
and shoot robots and
stationary turrets, that can actually evade,
in this linear...prototype shooter.

You have to pay 4 PED to be able to play it.
Equipped with a rocket launcher and
an energyball cannon.

If you die or get screwed by a glitch on the map,
you get nothing.

If you manage to survive,
you get the chance to open a box,
that contains random loot (1.60 PED to xxx PED)

Each week the "fastest" 3 players on the leaderboard
get payed the "jackpot".

And about the political system :

A voting process of "The president of virtual reality" 
got initiated by MindArk in january of 2016.

You had to pay 1000$ to be able to get voted.

Only Neverdie "applied", the voting process never got 
initiated as promised...and went Oblivion.

Then suddenly a facebook vote showed up. (March 2016)
Community angry, nearly no voters, no competition.


Tadaaa, Neverdie is our president now. xD

His 1st plan is to create 3 billion jobs by, for example,
introducing a teleportation fee ingame,
while others would need to defend the teleporters, to avoid them getting destroyed.

New elected community liaison by Mindark is Nighthawk.
His 1st post was :

The MindArk management team has reviewed the proposal made by the President of Virtual Reality concerning teleporter fees, and has determined that such a system does not complement the current development plans for Entropia Universe and therefore will not be implemented.
However, the proposal was very interesting, and aspects of it may find their way into future planned systems and features where participants would be more receptive to optional fees that provide enhanced convenience and utility.


Mercury initiated a forum vote,
asking if people would vote him (March 2016) :

Also with the original registration process,
all voters got promised an item called
"Presidential Strongbox"

Until March 2017 noone got a presidential box

1 year passed and our President did nothing
but throwing in the idea of a teleport fee and 3 billion jobs,
canceled by MindArk.

1 year...and nothing...then on february 2017 "President Neverdie" 
decided to retire (rofl) and let others be the...
...cabinet and representatives of his Planet Rocktropia...

To be able to "nominate yourself",
the 1st hurdle is, you must own an estate on Rocktropia. *aawww*

It came to my attention, that you had to login to Rocktropia on
a special weekend in 2017, to recieve these item.
You even had to pay with rockbucks to get all of em :


MA also jumped the digimon, My Brute train.
Another smartphone / tablet app, called ComPet(z)
might arrive as well. (announced 2014)

wtf @ panda, cat and dog...??? 

Way to go MindArk, keep the spirit of Entropia alive.:'(

Also a "web-based" battle client got announced.
You got to aquire (buy) battle-arena deeds and...
deeds, deeds with their holy know ?

Typical for MindArk :
Taming has not even arrived and they
announce 5 other additional things,
all connected to this taming-system. 

Possible Result :

Compet(z) finally got released as beta on May 17, 2016.
A mix of pet fighting, Hearthstone and "Win money to cash it out".
Made with the unity engine.
MindArks main game, Entropia Universe itself, had to suffer badly from it
over the past 2 years. As if it wasnt suffering enough by now.

Of couursseeeeeee....

While it was announced as "a part of EU" it is not.
And Pet transfers between EU <--> Competz just
got announced again by Kim Timkrans (18.5.2016)
Lets wait and SEE...

Many of us "own" Compet Deeds since 2014. 
Deeds that are supposed to make us earn revenue.
We havent gotten any revenue since 2014. 
Its now 3 / 2017.

1st beta of "Compet" got announced for Q1 2016.
1st payouts should have arrived around the end of 2016.

Then 1st payouts got announced for january 2017.

Then 1st payouts got announced for late february 2017.

Its now march 2017.

Sitting 3 years on deeds doing nothing.

On the 25th february 2018, the deeds payed out.
0.35 PED (35 pec) per 1 year.
So it will take you 300 years to get back what you payed
once for 1 deed - 100 ped (later 120 PED)

In the meantime MindArk took 2 million dollars of
its loyal community, paying an undisclosed sum
to create Compet.

In Sept. 2018, even after announcing a reboot of Compet earlier...
MindArk announced to stop all further development and advertising on Compet : *lol*

May 5, 2015.
MindArk announced plans, 
to fully integrate Oculus

Lets wait & SEE...and wait... Oculus Rift just kicked out DirectX9 support.
(Thats what Entropia is based on)

3 year later (March 2018), we havent heard of
Oculus Plans again.

The Avatar Statues

In 2016 MindArk wanted to auction 12 avatar statues (5000 PED each)
that you could buy and place at pre-choosen towns.

Only 3 got sold and after more then 1 year MindArk did NOT hand 
them out to the buyers.

Dr. Niels Barton came to us in 2005.
He mentioned the "Soul Disruptor"...which we never heard of again.
Then we found his finger and created the Globster from its DNA.
(Im sure Niels would be proud of the way his DNA was used.)

Facial Emotes! So funny in 2005...
(updated 3 names. Not sure about Kitty...but thanks to Abbee for NicNac ^^)

Could be funny in CryEngine 2 as know...

"Good thing" is, MindArk "just" announced a new (final) avatar re-creation process.
It got announced to be ready in early autumn of 2012,
and was mentioned in their annual report.
Its like the 5th avatar re-re-recreation we got, but this time it
should become the final, more real, CryEngine 2 look,
a 400% performance boost included...

(anyway, it is 2014 already)

Kim Timkrans mentioned the new avatar re-creation once more in an interview in late 2012...

Update (22.01.2013):
The New Avatar System got introduced.
Properly tested, one should think...but...this is MindArk.
Thats why everybody will have another opportunity in 1 week,
because, as so often, this system wasnt tested properly.

See for yourself : (this is a harmless example)

Still, we had some funny moments as well with this avatar re-creation :

The announced 400% performance boost resulted into various crashes and fps loss...


People on the forum also mentioned they are only getting half of the skills in space
after this "avatar update"... (24.1.2013).

And Neurobiotic Boosters just got announced. Boosters, that let you earn
an extra 50% of skills over a certain amount of time... which would be
75% skillgain of the pre-vu skillgain from now on... (in space)

Did the "old" skill system just go Oblivion ?  (in space)
Without any announcement ? be continued.


Around 2006 MindArk announced the introduction of "Ageia PhysX".
An additional PCI card for your PC would enable :
-stuntcar vehicles with visible damage
-weapons affecting the environment
-Awesome "clothes in the wind" effects
-Volcano with flowing lava

It never got introduced.

Nvidia aquired Ageia in 2008
and let Ageia PhysX support die in early 2010.

MindArk bought a CE 2 lincense at the end of 2009.

MindArk started an affilate program

around the introduction of CryEngine 2.

Not many were aware of it and only some affilate links are existing.

The idea was to make non-Entropians click your link,
create an account...and get 10% of their wasted PEDs
for a lifetime !

This was the original link :

Try it with the "waybackmachine"

It is unknown if anyone ever got payed or if it is still possible to get an CC code.

Additional informations about a german guy called "Stefan Krüger" and how
he started "the official(?) affiliate program website" with his XARXA company,
can be found here :

But lets head back to the past :
We could even sit down in 2005. In 2009 Marco mentioned Prone-mode ! =D
(Needless to say, that "Sit&Prone" werent mentioned again.)

In 2014 we can sit down on chairs least.

The mega CND Sports Stadium where...
(1st announced with the sale of CND in 2005)

It was meant as a mega-bonus, that would have been added later...
...6 years passed then and no sign of a "mega sports stadium".

Meanwhile Neverdie decided to sell his CND to John Foma Kalun (pesok) in july of 2010.

   And then, out of nowhere, in february of 2011 : 

CND...ahem, F.O.M.A. Stadium has finally arrived ! Wohoooo... can now drive your vehicle on a 2003 styled 3D track !

I leave it up to you if the "Mega CND Sports Stadium" went Oblivion this way or not...

But lets go on...

The Thorio Temple had a short appereance in an Episode of "Content in-Content Out". (2005)

Cyclops Depths (Hadsheim) has the look and feel of how the inside of this Temple could have looked like. Filled with ancient Thorifoids...would have fitted...hello, MindArk ?

The "robot factory"...or vehicle garage...or...whatever. -_-
It joined us in 2006 on Treasure Island and was left behind.

The "promised" big-hangar-update has been put on hold,
right after the hangars got re-introduced in april of 2011.
(Hangars and its shuttles started to become useless around VU 10[august of 2009])

Spacetravel is possible with cheap spaceships since june of 2011.
Spaceships, everybody can afford and everybody can travel through space with... more hangars needed.
(Keep in mind a hangar went for 5.000$ - 7.000$ back then)

Of course the hangar owners got more or less compensated "by MindArk",
but that is another story.
In January of 2013 Kim Timkrans said,that there are "currently" no plans on doing anything with the hangars. 

Also the Cash Card made its appereance in 2006.
(It will never be forgotten) ,-)

In addition to the Cash Card, MindArk contracted
"NEOVIA Financial" as a partner in 2009.
(NEOVIA Financial is now known as Optimal Payments)

The idea of the cashcard is still alive...

Massive Ads was contracted by MindArk in March of 2006.
(To bring tons of realworld advertisements ingame.)
2 months later, may of 2006, arch-enemy Microsoft bought Massive Ads,
just to shut it down in 2010.

(So, Massive Ads is no longer existing since 2010)

But till August of 2012 MindArk was still hyping their
"reallife advertisements via massive ads"

MindArk partnered with Sometrics in 2012.
You could do surveys and watch videos to gain pecs.
Last entry of on the waybackmachine
is dated Oct. 2014 and the site is down.

Sometrics was founded in 2007.
Got bought by American Express in 2011.
Partnered with MindArk in 2012.
and shutdown in 2014.

Anyway, in 2006 everything seemed to be running fine, so MindArk bought a castle in germany...
(Price in 2006 : 195.000 Euro)

Renovating, coloring and fixing everything up cost another 1.150.000 Euro's:

The castle is for sale since a long time now. That money definitely went to Oblivion. o_O

Update: (5.10.2013)
The castle got sold for approx. 500.000 Euro. (April 2013)

(thanks to akoz for the details:

In 2007 MindArk made deals with GNN promote Entropia in Brazil. (no longer existant)

 We never heard of it again anyway.

Not much is known about GNN, except
they were selling ingame money in brazil.

GNN Brazil 2007 

GNN Brazil 2011

GNN Brazil 2012 - it shutdown around april of 2012

In 2011 MindArk partnered with MOL.

However, Entropia Universe itself is not enlisted on their site
Only Planet Arkadia is.

The press release mentioned 2 partners though (Arkadia and Cyrene).

In July 2015 a new partner program got announced 
(and bitcoins mentioned everywhere):
Hub Culture
(site created March 2002) 

Stan Stalnaker, a marketing guy...a guy that is into bitcoins and stuff.

Planet Employability :
(site created Sept. 2013)

Registrant : ELearning 4 Africa

This is supposed to be a leading planet inside "Human Flourishing"...


Empaticus : (Human Flourishing)
(site created March 2015)

Some thing...where you can meet your psychologist
on a planet...

gameplay built on compassion and altruism stimulating human advancement

Human Flourishing Universe - Virtual worlds for collaboration and education

What ?

The 3 buildings of these "companies" got placed
at Athena Spaceport and are still emtpy 3 years later.

Then there is this online casino, located in Macau,
 that bought MindArks ingame assets (june 2015)
to create a 3D casino one day (right now its still 2D),
that will have the look & feel of Entropia.
But MindArk is ofc  in noOoooOoo way connected to it... *sigh*-_-

In short, some people bought a casino software from,
then contacted MA...feel free to read the whole story here : 

3 years later (3/2018) the virtual casino environment
has not yet arrived.

The original casino site shut down its services/games
one year later, in 2016.
And only uses advertisements for other casino sites now.

All items you "earned" for the 3D part are now lost.

This is what you would have missed *awwwww*. 
Pure casino with your beloved Entropia feeling + dance, move and even the "global" animations.

What a nice trap, Jesus Christ ! :'D
But hey, they claim(ed) its still in the like always, lean back and lets wait and SEE...and wait...and wait...

So much for the Entropia based casino, that has absolutley nothing to do with Entropia !!!!11111122

Did someone say crypto ?

Now...2 years later, in december 2017, MindArk
itself dared to announce its own "upcoming blockchain project".

named: DeepToken

MA engaged an external team...will we ever hear of it again ?

Yes, there was "news" on dec 2017 :
Henrik Nel Jerkrot (co-founder of deeptoken), is now MindArks new CEO.
He studied from 2011 to 2016 at Chalmers University.
He joined in 2016 (as e-sports manager, lol) and became their CEO some
months later...

 The "team" beind deeptoken was/is a startup company called "Chainvine",
located in sweden.

Chainvine “Monetisation through Decentralisation”

The "token" itself is located under :

(nothing to SEE here)

Chainvines Oliver Nicholas Oram (now advisor at MindArk)
released a "guest post" on,
claiming Entropia has 3 million registered accounts.

I made some official statistics about registered accounts,
beeing valid numbers since 2001. 3 million sounded beyond realistic...

...I did contact "Lawrene Wintermeyer" and the "author" Oliver N Oram about
these numbers.

Update (feb 2018):
All Deeptoken sites are dead since january 2018. 
They returned in march and had a 3 day countdown
for the planned sales...without advertising it 
on the official forums...

MindArk havent made a single comment on the
official forums !

Not all sales are documented...and they removed the
"Dollars recieved" on the site...epic SCAM !

The sites are back but nearly none deeptokens have been sold.
Keeping in mind you got 25% bonus of tokens after you bought some.

 While the sale of the deeptoken failed big time, its funny to SEE
that MA started an airdrop in the last days of the countdown
..even if their original FAQ says :

Why is there no Pre-Sale for DeepToken?
MindArk wishes to allow equal opportunity for investment in DTA. We feel that distribution of DTA in discounted pre-sales or air-drops devalues the investments of those supporting MindArks vision.

 Desperate scamming of the "loayal patrons"...what a shame...

Half an hour after the countdown ran showed up that
suddenly 12 million tokens got sold (worth 12 million us dollars)

No public statement, but a post by "Cloud" claimed :
"Some investors reserved that amount, hence we now added it to the sales..."


Exactly 1 year later, in dec. 2018, 8 months after the last
"PR-gag" (4.2018-airdrop campaign)
  MindArk announced to cancel 
the Deeptoken and refund all "investors" :

Anyway, lets go back ingame, shall we ?

There have been plans for a "Casino" already,  but I guess swedish gambling authority
or someone else did not approve this idea.
The following 2 textures could be found in the client for some time.


Already the Client VU 3.0 (beta 2 - 2001)
had an animation of a casino dealer
(and many other interesting stuff, that got introduced years later)

Switch to 0:50 in the following video, to be able to SEE
the casino dealer character animation :

Oh, whats that ? :O

Who has not heard of it ? The infamous, gigantic tower south of Pandora. Awesome...
But it got removed and never could be entered. (it was empty anyway)

Instead of putting all the shops and malls to Hadesheim,
MA created the malls and removed Hadesheim.
The capital of Calypso.

 Who could forget the 1st Golden Wedding Band from 2006 ? =)
(nothing special on it...except it is a one of a kind)

Neomaven bought it for 12.000 PED in 2008.!-lt-Golden-Wedding-Ring-gt/page13

We never heard of it again.
My went to Oblivion (Neomavens storage)

2008, when fishing got, not really.
Someone just looted a useless/non-interactive fishing rod.
(4 years later, in mid 2012, Kim Timkrans said in an interview, that the fishing system is ready and fishing will be somewhat different then anything else)

I guess my last action in this universe was buying a fishing-rod
and there will be 2 options from now on :

a.) Ill be a fisherman very sOOooooOOoOOoooOOooOon...
(and wont have to pay a sick markup in 2014 for my fishing rod then)
b.)  Fishing will not be introduced in 2013 (yup)
(and there will be an announcement, that fishing will come in early 2014)

Its 2017 by now and no word about fishing anymore.

 Marco: Fishing is fun!

As of May 2013, Kim said in an interview, that the fishing-system as well as
the taming system only exists on paper. No ETA!
But as you already read up there,
MA announced the return of taming once again.
Stage 1 to be expected late 2014.
No word about fishing though.

Ahhhh the egg !
Looted in 2006. Everyone thought it will hatch something awesome...

Sold to NEVERDIE for 10,000 $... (2006)

Sold to David Storey (Deathifier) for 69,969 $... (!) (early 2010)

 6 years later it is still just a useless item...uhm, egg.


Update : 06.03.2013
MindArk announced that the egg will hatch... 

March ends and the egg was mentioned in a wall of text every now and then
on the forum. Robots wanted to destroy it, it seems... *lol*

31.3.2013 - Egg got stolen by robots.


The egg hatched...the Feffox.

So a Feffoid fucked with the Atrox Queen.

To be honest, I expected something like this after 7 years of waiting.
Impressive MindArk...
David Storey must be proud of this.

Sure, the egg hatched, but it defenitly went Oblivion. ;p

In an interview of may, 2013, Kim said :
"We wanted to let the whole community take part in this spectatcular Atrox-Egg ending."

Lets head over to Minopolis...

(image by delerium)
It doesnt look any different in 2013...

Many of the old towns turned into "1x Service Center + 1x Teleporter" places...

Somewhere in 2009 a gigantic, well designed golf course got introduced...
...non functional of course.
It got removed then, because it was considered "a step into the wrong direction".

It was (and still is) called "Athena Space Port" and looks like this now (2013-2017) :

It has the size of Port Atlantis and is usually empty. Noone there. Nothing to do there.

But! *drumroll* has a Teleporter from Pre VU 10 times,
like many other towns :

Woooaaahhhhhhhhh... :D

Feffoid Trader. You could find em far out of towns, scattered around the immersive landscape.
Needless to say they are...gone.

Back in the days Faucervix was a small cuddly mob.
Its "updated" size blocked your movement and made you miss your shots,
because it attacked you from "inside" sucked, if you know what I mean.

The Faucervix in its original size (2005).

Meanwhile Faucervix isnt 4 times as tall as your avatar anymore, but it is still (too) huge :

Do you remember the original Argonauts ?
(or, Aggronauts, as called in the old textfiles)

It says Argonaut in the headline...but Argounaut in the description. Bad typo ! :P

After the Rituals Argonauts became ugly mutated 3d models.
What the... ?

Umbranoids and their towns ? Gone...
Not important, they were just part of the main-story...
(1st wave of colonists, contaminated by the robots, hunted by the 2nd wave...sick.)

I didnt even know the Umbranoid towns had names :O

found via waybackmachine

Huge mindforce update ?
We got "additional skills" and...
...well, we got some new chips, like "Ice" or "Acid".
Old chips like Firestorm got renamed to ignite.

Huge mindforce update ?
MindForce ignored and forgotten ? No way...

...or what was this Mind Expansion Center for again ? -_-

And what did I unlock Etheral Soul Language for again ?
Will it ever be more usefull then interpreting all the "lols and f*ck yous" out of the OoOOoooOoOO ?

Lets head over to the "Scanning Profession" then.
It already passed the border to Oblivion :

Different 3D models of scanners : (never introduced)

Which reminds me of the new scanner sound and graphic effects... almost as scary as our critical hit "Mickey Mouse" dong sound...

There was no need at all to exchange the stylish sound of scanning,
adding a terrible kindergarten where was
no animation at all before.

With the recent changes of "Scanning", all professions that are connected to it,
became more or less useless. 
(Did someone say those profession just went to Oblivion ?)

From 2004 to 2010 you could scan one enemy forever.
(Hell, the thing is even called "Invest-a-Foe" !)
And it felt right to gather as much informations (skills) about
one enemy as possible. After all WE pay(ed) the decay.
( In todays Entropia you can scan an enemy only once.)

There are even 4 main professions connected to scanning,
wich can make you unlock even more scanning related skills !
(not will SEE why, when you read on)

The professions are : Humanoid/Animal/Mutant and Robot - Investigator and
after the "nerf" we even got Technology Investigator

 Problem 1 :  
If you want to scan A LOT, 
you would probably have to enter a mob/robot filled area to do that.

Problem 2 :
You are probably not going to survive the hordes of mobs/robots,
without wearing a hig-end armor, ending up with lots of decay, probably
not worth the scanning skills you got.
(Sure, you could follow an expirienced hunter all day long,
hoping that he will protect you and not getting angry because you
just lured in 2 additional mobs)

Problem 3 :
The way scanning "works" now, you will probably never reach 
the needed levels to unlock the following hidden skills :
(trust me, you wont)

Xenobiology - Level 30 Animal or Mutant investigator

Robotology -
Level 30 Robot investigator

Scientist -
Level 60 Investigator

At least the community stays together now and then and came up
with a "Scanning Event". Hundreds of vehicles dropped in a huge circle.

While walking around and scanning each vehicle, enough time passes
between the 1st and last vehicle you scanned and
you could scan all day long.
(I was told it is possible unlocking robotology this way. But such events do not
happen every day and they wont help unlocking xenobiology either.)

I made a test with luck, using the free beacon out of Port Atlantis
as a Scanner-Paradise:
I nearly scanned all of the "gazzillion" robots in there
and received 4 skills at all.  
(2x Scan Robot Skill, 1x Mechanics, 1x Analysis)

Also different (color)models of the Finders could be found in the texture-folder :
(but never ingame)

Aaahhh the malls and its landing platforms...
Big announcements of the "Landing Platforms" on top of it in january 2007.

Yea, you as a mall owner can be proud of it now. The "for future-use" is now here !
But where the hell did the landing platform go... ?

Which reminds me of the shop-design competition...

In 2009 Mindark...ahem...FPC...wait it was "SEE Digital Studios" then,
but changed to "AR Universe AB"...then to "Planet Calypso AB"...
...whatever, a competition got started :

"Who will design the funkiest ingame shop?"

1st prize would have been a full set of unlimited Martial Armor (SGA Edition)

2nd to 5th prize would have been a full set of a unlimited Vigilante Armor (SGA Edition)

People started decorating, bought additional (funky) items and uploaded (funky) images to
their ingame ad-screens (for additional fees of course).

Every shop owner tried to design the best shop !
(Some even invested 30.000 PED into this competition...others "only" 2000 PED)

The problem is, no jury were ever choosing a winner,
hence no prizes were ever handed out.

But its not the fault of Mindark...ahem...FPC...I mean "SEE Digital Studios", no,
"AR Universe AB"......well, its "Planet Calypso AB" now...

Poor Hanne had to post on the forum 7 months later (2010), telling the ppl the competition will be re-vived, 
and the only problem is/was that people still had 
problems with some furniture... o_O

And her next comment was posted in early 2011, claiming that there
are still problems with pc-signs...and they were still waiting for MindArk
to fix it...

Btw., it is still topic on the "Planet Calypso Site" :

And got ofc finally closed on the forum
more then 4 years later :
(without handing out prices)

But back to the Landing Platforms...

The former Landing Platforms in Twin Peaks were cool though.  
(but ofc...gone...)


MindArk announced the "Landplot System" in early 2015.

You could turn your CLD into a CLD(x) and get a piece of land,
to build "something" on it. You needed additional items as well,
to be able to start building.
Start requirements for largest Plot is 162 CLDs :D (162*150$ = 24.300$)
+additional items to start building
+later decoration and bazaar items
around 30.000 $.

Each settlement features a large bazaar in the center as well as service centers on the outskirts and small 10x10m plots for monuments and other functions.

A preview looked promising :

This "system" is in silent mode since 1 year now. (May 2016). 
No further announcements or updates have been made.
But hey, 30.000$ are peanuts in this game. ;p 

More then 1 year later (29.6.2016) the "interface" shows up and

the "content update" claims "structures can now be build" :

After the interface got "introduced on 29.6.2016, it was silent for another 3 months.
Then MA announced "gardening" on 24.9.2016 as "one of the things" for
their next update.

Gardening...which was there in the year 2000 already...

Will this system get ignored soon ?
Just like many of the other things that got lsot in time by now ?
We will SEE...

29.9.2016 - A preview screenshot of "Gardening" appeared.
Buy/Craft boxes where you can "hatch" fruits...
...increase the value of your plot...and get rich. ;D

Its march 2018 by now and all you can do is, grow some plants,
that can be used to craft some weapons...

There was a NASA MMO contest in 2008, but MindArk did NOT win the competition.

Project Whitecard Studios though, is (still) involved into it, as they and Virtual Heroes
won the NASA contest. (2008)
They planned to release a beta in 2012 and the full product in 2013.
(Since 2nd of april 2013 the closed beta is running with at least 900 participants, according to their site),_Mars_and_Beyond

the full game is to be expected in late 2014 now. 

Maybe thats why MindArk just partnered with Project Whitecard in 2012 then ?
To still get a piece of the cake ? 

Project Whitecard even had to code an android app for MindArk (2012)
that can be used to craft on your smartphone, 
while you are at work or waiting for the bus...
Now you can waste even more PEDs.

Or as the headline trys to procure :

"Help Craft The Future Of Entropia Universe With Your Android Mobile Device"

(please donate to us using our smartphone app)

The app is called "Virtual Tycoon" (woot)
Last update of it in "june 2013" - 554 votes of which more then the half
is not that satisfied. 
Last comment is from 2015.


I wonder what people think that "accidently" tried the android app 1st...

And if the NASA MMO will still enter "Entropia Universe" because of this partnership, 
is unknown and very unlikely.

And what happened to the ESA Project then (March 2009) ?

In march 2009 MindArk partnered with the European Space Agency,
to push the idea of an educational MMO once again.

But we never heard of it again.

I tried to contact ESA in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013
and used various contact forms and emails.
I never got any reply.

Oh well...

 And what did the Mayas have to do with Akbal Cimi ?

   Maybe we'll find out on december 21st of 2012 ? :p 
(no, nothing happened)

Remember the ingame voting booths ?

The voting booth at Twin Peaks...

The interface.
(back then you could vote for day&night cycles for example.
After you voted for it, the terminal became useless.
One day it dissapeared)

Real World Terminals :

Probably connected to these...

And you could buy a T-Shirt in here.
Probably the one with the Mutant on it.

(thx to "phoenixx" for additional info on this terminal))

Day and nightcycles existed as an option inside the old vote terminals in the year 2005. 
(4 hours daylight / 4 hours night-time)

When day and nightcycles got introduced,
people actually started to complain,
that it is "too dark" at night... ! (wtf ?)
(maybe also because MA was not able to introduce somekind of flashlights, except for vehicle lights)

So, now we have a gigantic shiny moon and not-so-dark nights,
that are even shorter.

Once 5 hours of night-time, turned into 2 hours. (2012)
And now we have 20 minutes of night-time. (nearly no darkness)
No chance for the once announced, nocturnal mobs.

Day and Nightcycles went to Oblivon, Id say...

Ressurrection Ship : (never introduced)

Oxford/ Vexed Generations : (unfinished/bankrupt)
A whole town dedicated to reallife artists like Mark Kostabi,
where you could buy virtual art for your virtual appartment. 

(Introduced with VU 8.3 in 2006)

It also had a underground  cave filled with the Boorum mob (Torkels Tomb) and
various shops by players. All got removed, except for the (now dead) town itself.

You could also buy reallife clothes there from
"Vexed Generations".

Vexed Generations was exisitng since 1997 and went bankrupt
right after it joined Entropia. Another coincidence ?
Vexed got removed from Entropia then.

The Orbs : (gone)
Ya ya, it was connected to a swedish TV series
and MindArk got some prize for it...

The show was called "The Truth About Marika". We had orbs ingame
and viewers could log into Entropia to  loot hints about the TV show.

This partnership was a breakthrough for television
and the Internet in terms of creating real value
for the viewers, and engaging them in multiple platforms through one program.
Christian Bjorkman, Director of Special Projects for Mindark, explains 

Juke Cubes : (gone)

The real good music existed between the years 2001 and 2008 anyway.

Healing Ponds : (gone)

Once there was a great auction and the exchange terminals at Hadesheim :

You could even enter the terminals in beta times and buy stocks.
Around 2003 the stock exchange got closed and your stocks got automatically
turned into (double amount) of PEDs.

All gone...ofc. (and not really functional)

Our very own solar system...went to Oblivion :

Calypso even has 2 moons.
You cant travel there, because they are not there...

Lets continue with the vehicles :
They were roaming the testservers since the early days. (2002)
But all we had between 2002 and 2010, were static 3D models. No interaction.

But even the old videotrailer of "Project Entropia" was showing
the old vehicles in motion.

1:36 Shuttles & Mechwarriors
1:46 A Track Vehicle

R.i.P. oldskool Mech :'(

And the video trailer
made its appereance on in june 2002

In 2006 Frank said :
"Frank|MindArk: Vehicles - we're currently looking at Q4 2007 - Q1 2008"

We finally got vehicles in 2010.

Dont get me wrong, I like some of the "newly introduced" vehicles
inside "Entropia Universe", but...

Notice how the old vehicles were all track-vehicles.

Armored transporters and combat track vehicle.

Also, instead of finally introducing all the nice spaceship models from
old Port Atlantis or Billys Spaceship Afterworld, that were
also all shown in the old trailer...

A Corona SGT-47 at "Billys Spaceship Afterworld".

A Corona SGT-47 in midair. (Beta 2000)

...we got Helicopters...

Most, if not all vehicles of  "Planet Calypso"
arent even created by MindArk,
but got bought for $ on 3D model sites.

Just another strange feeling in this future world...

MindArk's Sayah King trailer from 2002 has not lost its charme yet.
Sometimes, over the years, MindArk was talking about a new
render trailer to be day...

In the meantime, me and dub won the "Create a trailer" contest of 2006 :
[The Video is called, "The Truth"] ^^

Time passed and in 2007 David Simmonds called me via phone,
to talk about a "little Project they were working on".
Something like "Red vs. Blue" from the Halo series.
Sounded fun, but it never became reality, as I was a one man army.

I asked about a new trailer
and he mentioned that they were indeed working on a new render trailer already.

Its 2017 now and we never got a new render trailer.

In 2012 they partnered with "Planet Arkadia Team" though, to announce 
that they (Planet Arkadia?) are finally creating a new trailer for "Entropia Universe".
Again with a real actor, as Sayah King. 

It was planned to release the trailer around november of 2012.
That ETA failed and it was planned to release it in early 2013.

On april 17th of 2013, David Dobson informed me :
Yep it's still in development, hopefully not too much longer now .

It seems the new official video trailer is out now (5.7.2013).
Using a not-so professional female voice that uses a not-so professional microphone.
It still mentiones taming as a useable profession
and all in all it doesnt really have the look and feel of an Official Concept Video.

Feels more like a fan-made video,
which isnt that bad then. ;)

The original official announcement, taken from the Developer Notes #4,
sounded way different and mentioned professionalism and
again a real actress !

On April 11, 2012,
Mindark started the "Emissary Program".

An app on facebook, that was meant for noobs to ask
the "alpha players" for advice. 

You could do surveys or answer ingame questions, to level up
and win prizes...

...prizes that never got released by MindArk, 
as this system got shut down in the same year already
and never was fully working anyway.

A download booth ? (never existed)

Mining anyone ? We lost the "Enmatter" tools here.
Then the "Seismic Bombs" went Oblivion.

Back in 2004, when you dropped a bomb, you even had to leave the blast radius
before you could detonate it.

Rocktropia still uses a design, very, very close to
 the old Calypso Enmatter Excavator,
as an (L) variant :

Yet in 2015, the new giant building at Cape Corinth,
uses this advertisement between floor 1 & 2 :

Textures and graphics get reused now and then :

Sometimes it hurts :
(and of course it is MindArks fault)

Evolution of terminals and storage :

95% of the items in the trade terminal suddenly turned all into
(L) items with the update of 11 / 2014. On every planet.

click for full size

MA had/has big plans with the ingame companies since 2004 :

These 2 have the "Proteq" logo.
A company that never made it ingame.
(also these images were only ingame in beta)

For example, in 2009, there was the Genesis Star Headquarter in Twin Peaks:
(it offered prices for a single mining contest...and got removed then)

oh yeah, thats Oberon in that screenshot

There also was a xfire building in Port Atlantis...xfire, 
you know...its not an ingame company, 
but its gone. :p

But thats it, about the "ingame Companies"... not bad, eh ? :p

In january of 2012 Kim Timkrans announced the new design of the Athene/Zephyrus areas.

The work in progress pictures looked very nice indeed.
(very similar textures, if not the same textures can be found
in the VU 5.6 folders already (2004)

But 1 year later the area still looks like this :

No sign of the awesome rock meshes used on the cliff face...

Update 19.1.2013:
One year later, a standard interview of Magyar Republic with Kim Timkrans revealed,
that this area got canceled only 2 months after the original announcement.

Lets SEE what plans China had with us :
(images taken from the ingame files)

The Cyber Recreation District (CRD) in Beijing had big plans with MindArk for sure.
Shopping planets for example. A 3D ebay, like MindArk dreamed of in 2001.

The contract got signed in oct. 2007, but then main developer, Chi Tau Robert Lai, 
died on June 29, 2008,
and everything got put on hold...or canceled...who knows...

CRD is/was also working with Master­Card, Visa and the China Everbright Bank to build a financial platform, with suppliers like IBM. (hence the Bank logo I think)

3D Chinese shopping planets...

Banks...uh, Pawnbroker...uhm....MindBank was there in 2000 already :

Nothing is known about the "Bank of Calypso" (early beta ?)

In 2009 MindArk got granted a real banking license to operate
MindBank AB as a..real bank.

It was revealed that Mind Bank failed to secure the required fundings for the venture (which was a sum of EUR 5 million), and thus MindArk requested for the permission to be revoked.

Around 2015 David Simmonds (MA) claimed in an video interview
 on a bitcoin conference, that they have still plans to "start" the bank.
Probably a prepaid-card with their logo on it...we will probably never SEE it.
(but you can SEE it up there, its called cashcard ^^)

In combination with their Deeptoken Scam, MindArk announced,
that if they should sell Deptokens worth 10.000.000 $ (ten million), they would
create the MindBank again...using the money for...research...
...even if they had the license in 2009 already...makes you wonder ?

In early 2009 the "Sissipahaw Water Treatment Plant" made its way to Calypso.

  8 years later, in 2017, it is still a useless building with no interior.

The "Nymphtown Water Supply" is existing since 2002/2003.
Its empty as well and you cant enter it.
Just like most other buildings ingame.

After the CryEngine Update, the lettering got taken of the building.
The building also never had any function.

Instead of introducing new, useless buildings, why not re-re-create the town of Minopolis with its appartments, for example ? 

Press the alarm button : (gone)

The hospitals: (gone and never completed)

Ohhhh and lets not forget about the ship... (gone)

 Diversity. Dynamic Diversity. Entropia has grown for sure.
Maybe 5 planets are already too much for a RCE world, 
with an rough estimated amount of ca. 6.000 "active" players ?

MindArk and SEE Virtual Worlds teamed up in 2009.

Martin Biallas is the founder of SEE Virtual Worlds.

There were plans of a Titanic Planet and even a "Universal Monster Planet", where you would hunt all the classic movie monsters as Van Helsing. (2010)
But never went live...
...but forget about that for now,


Neverdie brought SEE to MindArk and was heavily involved on Planet Michael development,
just like he was involved in the development of Next Island...
(and ofc RockTropia. And so on...) ;)

SEE Virtual Studios even bought Planet Calypso (6 million $) and took over its employees in january of 2011 !
Then guess what...something went wrong. 

SEE only payed the 1st of 6 installments a 1 million $.
Then, because of swedish law, MA got Calypso back and
sold it to its own playerbase instead.

SEE Virtual Studios left and dismissed most, if not all of the old Calypso employees.
(june 2011)

Btw., I just want to mention the 60,000 Calypso Land Deeds (CLDs) here,
which MindArk started to sell for 100$ each in the ingame auction.
That would be a total amount of 6 million $. 

So MA sold Calypso indeed to its own playerbase...

No more Universal Monsters and Michael Jackson for you my friend.

The last "real news" on are from january 2011 anyway,

Either SEE fucked with MA or MA fucked with SEE.
Both arent angels. :p

So, what else went to Oblivion (more or less) ?

NextIsland is more or less bankrupt (everyone got fired), their office empty.
Neverdie is no longer involved in the development process.
The forum and the planet itself, still online. (more or less)

But no real news.
Somewhere in 2012 David Post announced that Next Island is in media blackout,
until he gets it sold or restaffed.
And in the meantime he started a campaign for a company
supporting crowdfunding, for companies that do crowdfunding...
...Benjamin Bakery.
(it still says coming soon and has a (c) of 2012)   - 03.02.2015
(its down by now)

What the... ?

Ok, meanwhile MindArk decided to take over "NextIsland",
calling it their "Outpost in Entropia Universe".
(2014-2015 and nothing is happening/has happened on NextIsland anyway)

4 years later, in Oct. 2016 the society "BIG Industries" joined forces(?) with David Post,
announcing "a new" Next Island, by posting very old screenshots, claiming
those would be new ones.

BIG industries started posting very old screenshots in dec 2016 on facebook,
claiming its all new, awesome content...super lame ! -_-

David Post

Shaun Klein aka "Blastoise Meculus Yarlboro"

Troy Dunniway (ex Westwood, Disney, Microsoft, Ubisoft)

Grymith Salty 


MindArk mentioned the sale of a new estate,
having something to do with alien lifeforms.
It should have been announced in january 2013, but
mnothing until mid february 2013.

Update : March 2013
A "Moon" will be up for auction (150,000$ starting bid).

You bid on something that might not be ready before the end Q3 of 2013 though.

"Modified Akoz Power & his Investor friends" just purchased
the moon for its starting bid of 150.000$ on 4th of april.

Its called Monria.

Exactly 2 years later, in april 2015
Akoz & Co. already decided to sell this empty thing,
because it wasnt generating income.

- - -

Monria got sold for 94.000 $ to an "Irish Company" named "Virtual Sense" "". An "Irish company" based on selling/trading ingame items. According to their site, since 2009.
(inside of Entopia of course)

The site was down since (05.07.16). 
Maybe because there is an hardware seller
called "" since 2013 ? ;)
It is up again, but havent recieved any updates since 2014 anyway.
Long time player "Eugenio Anhithe Wilde", his brother and his wife "Juanita Kendra Wilde" AND "Dark Moon Enigma" (which is long time player MS9) now rule Monria.

Great ad for MindArk. Now they can say, "We sell a moon every year now" x'D


In February 2016 MindArk announced a "2 way authentication system"
which would be released as app for Smartphones
and will natively integrate Google Authenticator.

8 months later (9/2016) a "preview" version of it appears
on the android market and then on the Swedish IOS Store.

What is really sad about this auth-app is,
that MindArk is using to to spread Spam with it...  

Last update it recieved was in june 2017.

Now lets wait and see.
Gold Cards will probably no longer sold in the future,
according to MindArk.


Want even more ?

Steady changing of various soundfiles...WHY ?!

The ingame banks...uhm pawnbrokers ?

Build your own robot ?

Weather affecting equipment ?

Handgrenades ?

Upgrade Replicator ?

Factories where you can use noobs as slaves and pay them ?

Star ships with a crew of 100 = major epic battles in the sky ?

Nocturnal mobs ?

IPO, MindBank ? (still in progress, but not enough money)

Create towns ?

Love of detail ?

Points of interest ?

An immersive online world that lets you forget the realworld ? (like 2004-2007)

CE2totheMAX ?

This will be updated, everytime something goes to Oblivion.

And now go and play...

...and let the good times roll.